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2008-06-20 03:32:49 by InnerMan

Just put up a couple new tracks after a lengthy lengthy break. College kills.



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2011-05-07 01:04:37

I understand your feeling about people not understanding what drum and bass really is about. It does deeply sadden me that others can appreciate it for what it is and consciously make decision not to recognize the structure, balance, and harmonics involved that make it what it is.

Other than that, cheers on the review! I'll check out some your tracks :)


InnerMan responds:

All we can do it share it to them. I usually have the perfect opportunity to share it when I'm doing soberphone for my fraternity. They have to ride in my car so I just play some liquid tracks to keep them occupied :)

Noticed you just posted on here recently. I just put up a liquid track last night.